Sushi 2 Go

Tell us a bit about your shop or service: We create delicious sushi rolls, rice paper rolls and hot meals for takeaway.

What’s in season or really popular right now with shoppers? With the warm weather in the air, all raw salmon products are very popular.

… and what’s your favourite thing instore at the moment? Providing fresh salmon salads and salmon sashimi.

How long have you been working here? Almost 10 years!

Are you a big or small crew - how many of you working there? On average we have 6 people but in the busier periods up to 8 people.

What’s do you reckon is best part of your job? Seeing smiles on customers and then having them return!

What are your interests in life? Any hobbies, interests or mad obsessions? Reading inspirational books, playing golf and travelling to new places.

Do you have local customers you know by name, or like to have a chat with? Yes too many to mention!

What do you think makes Gordon Centre a great community? Friendly down to Earth locals who are loyal shoppers.

What's your favourite movie? Rocky (the original)