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Gordon Shoe Repair

Your name: Jack 

Name of your shop or service: Gordon Shoe Repairs

Tell us a bit about your shop: We offer services like key cutting, replacing batteries, selling travel goods and of course leather and shoe repairs.

What's really popular with shoppers right now?: Howard products, furniture polishes, RFID credit card holders and wallets.

What's your favourite thing in-store at the moment?: The small range of Loake mens shoes that we sell.

How long have you been working here?: 12 years!

Who works at the store?: It's a husband and wife team only - myself and Lucy! 

What's the best part of the job?: The hands on knowledge and service that I provide and the customer satisfaction I get from it!

Do you have any mad obsessions?: I'm a soccer fanatic!

What do you like to chat about with your regular shoppers?: We love to joke around and maybe even talk politics! Everyone knows everyone.

Favourite movie?: The Godfather

Find information on Jack's custom handmade shoes here.